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Assalamualaikum waramatullah

We are glad to announce that, we Tsukuba Islamic Association (TIA) got the permission to re-build the masjid from Japanese Government!! and now begin the donation campaign.

UPDATE 20th JAN 2019

Alhamdulillah, new Masjid Tsukuba basement work in progress. May Allah help us in building the house of Allah.
Briefly, insyaAllah we just need only remaining 10 Million (14% of target), for main building.


UPDATE 30th DEC 2018

all praise to Allah and thanks to efforts from all of out brothers and
sister who donate and help this project, the basement work for new
Masjid started.
May Allah help us to finished this project.
Since we still not meet our fund, please continue to donate.



Alhamdullilah we officially got permission from the Tsukuba City to build new masjid on the parking area land. InshaAllah the work will be start at 3rd September 2018. But our money still far from adequate so please donate to use


UPDATE 1st JUNE 2018

Alhamdulillah we got donation from company and few people in this 2
weeks, and got almost 11 million yen. Now, we have 67% of total amount
in hand (update 1 June 2018). Thank you for all that help us.
We still need another 22 million yen (-33%), before deadline 1st September 2018. Otherwise, this project will be suspended.

Our situation

We purchased the land from around 10 years ago. and have the building from that time until now, constructed with wood. Our building now is old enough. Muslim populations in Tsukuba are increasing, now around 500 people. And during Friday prayer, our spaces are not enough, many people using the park. Very close to Tsukuba university, many students and businessman come to masjid everytime. Masjid in Ibaraki Perfecture are very few. The necessity of rebuilding masjid is coming, to have a better environment, with wider space, comfort, safety.

Why we need new Masjid?

​Prayer space is not enough
Population of muslim in Tsukuba increasing each year. This year, muslim are around 400 people, which in 2012 are around 300 people. With now’s masjid, for Friday prayer, it forced us to use outside garden/empty area.Which will make us difficult to pray in hot, rainy, and winter season. That’s why we need more space to pray.

Our building is OLD
In 1990s we bought this building that previously a rubber factory that bankrupted and use the very same building as masjid (until now) without any big renovation. It is made from wood. Our building is old enough and having cracks are everywhere, so that it will lack rain water in rain season, and allow wind to enter in winter, and not strong enough against earthquake that frequently happening in Japan.

Contract signed

Alhamdulillah, finally we signed contract to build Tsukuba Masjid!
Construction will begin very soon insyaAllah.
But, currently we have only 48% of total amount in hand, so we still need to collect the rest of money during the construction, before deadline 1st September 2018. Otherwise, this project will be suspended. Please support us by your donation and prayers.
We believe that we can build this masjid insyaAllah!

“Whoever builds a mosque with the intention of seeking Allah’s pleasure, Allah will build for him a place in Paradise."
(Hadith on Sahih Al-Bukhari)

New design

Please kindly contribute to support this campaign, with your money from Allah, with your time to share it, and make pray for us.
May Allah forgive us. May Allah make easy our effort to build his masjid, in Japan.

For International and Domestic (with credit card)

Official Donation Campaign for Indonesian

Official Donation Page at LaunchGood

Official Donation page at DonorBox - No registration needed

For Domestic (using bank transfer)

Bank: Joyo Bank
Branch: KenkyuGakuentoshi (Code 104)
Account no: 3728402 (Futsu)
Name: ツクバイスラムキョウカイ

Bank: Japan Post Bank
Account no: 10670-39326951
Name: ツクバイスラムキョウカイ