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December 27, 2012

Dear brothers and sister in Tsukuba,

Assalamu Alykom.
It has become a custom of the Indonesian Moslem Students in Kanto Area to gather in Tsukuba Masjid for meeting and studying about religion at the of every year instead of wasting the holiday.

This year they will gather from Dec 29th, 11:00 am to Sunday, Dec 30th 3:00 pm.
Alhamdulellah this year they have invited Dr.Agus Setiawan  the scholar in Ulmulhadith. He is willing to give a public lecture for all the Muslims in Tsukuba.

Lecture date and time:
Saturday December 29th, 18:20 – 20:20
(time is precise so please try to come earlier not to disturb the lecture.)

Dr.Agus Setiawan
The scholar of Ilmulhadith Graduated Alazhar University Cairo – Egypt & UKM University – Malaysia

necessary conditions to regain the victory of Islam.

Everybody is welcomed to attend this lecture
For more information please contact Br.Dinar.

Jazakom Allah Khayran

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Prayer times – November 26, 2013:

Very interesting. Thanks 🙂

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