Islamic Day: Arabian Cultural Day | Masjid Tsukuba

July 01, 2012 Tsukuba Islamic Association (TIA) arranges Islamic Day for member and non TIA members. The Islamic Day want to introduce Islamic Value for non-Moslem’s and show the different culture of Moslem’s countries to others.

The first schedule of this event came with Arabian Culture that held on Saturday, June 30. The event  starts from 5 pm till 9:30 pm with 70 persons of attendant (35 men –  26 women –  11 children).

There were three lectures delivered in this event. Lecture one: a History of Islam in Japan by Mr. Mohamed Khalil (from Egypt),  Lecture two: Islam in Sham “Cultural Aspects” by Dr. Mohamed Hayyan  (from Syria) and  Lecture Three: Tunisia, a country of historical, natural, agricultural and cultural diversity by Dr. Abdel Fatah Omri  (from Tunisia).  At the end, Prof. Dr. Sherif Elsafty delivered very nice closing and recommendations.

This kind of event will be arrange for Central Asian Community, Indonesian-Malaysian Community, Bangladeshi Community and Pakistani Community.

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