April 20, 2020

Regarding COVID-19

ANNOUNCEMENT: Assalamualaikum,Due to current Covid19 situation, with really heavy heart we officially closed our masjid until further notice. Due to masjid locked out we request our brothers and sisters to perform Taraweeh at home during this Ramadhan.May Allah give use reward like we perform in Masjid and may Allah give use safety and health.

April 13, 2019

New Masjid updates

Alhamdullilah, Thanks to donation from our brother and sister all around the world, our new masjid had great progress. Please continue to support our masjid project. There still lots of work to be done.  

April 13, 2019

Latest Iqama time

Starting last we our iqama time as follow: Fajr: 4:20 Dhur: 12:30 Asr: 15:40 Maghrib: 18:10 Isha: 20:30 Jumua: 12:10