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Here you can find  useful Japanese words and sentences help you in daily life.

A. Medical words for pregnant women
  • breast milk ——> chichi, oppai
  • chicken pox——> suito, mizuboso

To download the whole file click WordsPregnant

B. How to ask if the ingredients are from plants
When we live in Japan, it is important to know how to ask a company if one of its products is from plants or animal.
This how you can ask:

  • Is the ingredient (X for example) of the product (Y for example) from animal or plant?

In japanese: Yの原材料のXは、動物由来ですか。それとも植物由来ですか。
Reading: Y no genzairyou no X wa doubutsu yurai desu ka? soretomo shokubutsu yurai
desu ka?

  • Are all the ingredients from plants.

In japanese: 原材料はすべて植物性ですか。
Reading: Genzairyou wa subete shokubutsusei desu ka?

  • Is anything from animal contained in the ingredients?

In japanese: 原材料に動物性のものは含まれていますか。
Reading: Genzairyou ni doubutsusei no mono wa fukumarete imasu ka?

C. How to say (In the Store)
Does any one here speak English?
Eigo o hanasu hito wa imasu ka?
えいご お はなす 人 は いますか。I do not know how to use it.
Tsukai kata ga wakarimasen.
つかい かた が わかりません。It is expensive, make a discount
Takai desu ne. mousukoshi yasukushite kudasai
たかいですね。もうすこし やすくして ください。

I will take / buy this
kore ni shimasu.

I will not take it
warui desukedo mata ni shimasu.

Could you wrap this one and this one separately
kore to kore betsubetsu ni tsutsunde kudasai
これ と これ べつべつ(別々)に つつんで(包んで)ください。

Do you have a cheaper/bigger one than this?
kore yori yasui/ooki no arimasuka.
これより やすい(安い)/大きいのありますか?

Do you have it in different color?
kore no iro chigai arimasuka?
これ の いろ(色) ちがい(違い) ありますか?

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