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A map of hospitals in Tsukuba included different types of treatments available there. Please, click to download the PDF file.



In the following a list of some useful vocabularies that may be useful in a hospital
(Hospital vocabularies ver. 2)

Japan Health Handbook, M. M. Maruyama et al., Kodansh International, 1998.

Another list (especially for pregnant women) is here. This list is prepared by Tsumra Women Group.
Searching for a doctor:

Do you want to find a doctor in Tsukuba who can speak your own language. Please click here.

Searching for a drug:

A short list of the nonprescription drugs in Japan (i.e. available in the Drug stores) is here

Japan Health Handbook, M. M. Maruyama et al., Kodansh International, pp 257-261, 1998.


Before reading the above list, please consider the following comments received from a trusted Moslem medical doctor living in Japan about the nonprescription drugs

1- They are too weak and too expensive (not covered by insurance).
2- Going to clinic and receiving full examination and medication may be cheaper, safer and faster than searching for these medications as many of them are not easy to find.
3- Many people underestimate their symptoms and the disease may deteriorate if they did not take the correct treatment from the beginning.

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tafida – October 31, 2012:

i agree with the doctor,
a simple head ache or fever can be just like a warning light of the car that is about to go into reserve.

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