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Tsukuba University (TU) is surrounded with many residential areas with lots of different types of accommodations. These accommodations vary in type of building such as apartments or mansions which may include an elevator. For simplicity Japanese housing agents use the terms L (lounge), D (dinning) and K (kitchen) whenever a search is requested together with a number which refers to the number of rooms within the residence. Therefore a 2 LDK would mean an apartment or a mansion with 2 rooms and a lounge, dining and kitchen. A 1DK refers to a single room with a small dinning and a kitchen. All apartments and mansions come with a toilet and shower.

The rent ranges according to the location or area surrounding TU. As the university is about 2-3 km from the city centre, the closer you are from the city the higher the rent would be.

Parking is available as each accommodation comes with 1 parking per house hold. The charge would range from 2000 yen to 4000 yen per month. Certification from the police is required.

Kasuga: Located on the east and south side of TU, this is the most popular area for students looking for a place to stay. The rent starts from 25,000 yen for 1K to 55,000 yen for a 2DK.  Kasuga has many convenient stores which are open 24 hours. The hospital is just few minutes walk.

Amakubo: Located on the south west of TU, this is the 2nd most popular area for people searching for a cheap and to be in close proximity to the university. Rent is in the range of 27,000 for single users to 60,000 yen for family users. This area has more shops and plenty of convenient stores too. The hospital is just few minutes walk.

Sakura: Located on the west side of TU, this area is quite new and has the major supermarkets for your daily shopping including restaurants, video shop, pharmacy and a furniture shop. As it is a new area the rent starts from 50,000 yen for single rooms to 85,000 yen for 3 rooms. Small houses (detached villa) start from 60,000 yen.

Hanabatake: Located to the north of TU, Hanabatake is also similar to Sakura with its variety of shops and restaurants.  As it is a bit far (1-2km) from TU students with bicycles prefer closer areas, therefore a car would be handy. Rent starts from 35,000 yen for a single room to 80,000 yen for 3 rooms. Houses are plenty and they range from 70,000 yen to 120,000 yen per month.


kamaliah yusoff – March 14, 2014:

I’m wondering is there any apartment to be rent for 1 week or less near University of Tsukuba.
My family want to stay for 4-5 nights after sending me at the university this sept.
I’m afraid the apartments aren’t listed on the internet that’s why I couldn’t find any of them.
I tried to search for apartment near Masjid Tsukuba.

admin – March 20, 2014:


We are very sorry for the late response.
I recommend you this open this link.
It is very nice place, and the location is not really far from masjid (around 3km)

Please don’t hesitate to ask more detail.

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