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Postal Code: 300-2662, Ibaraki Prefecture, Tsukuba city, Kaname 315-10
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Abdul Salam Zulkifli – April 23, 2014:

Assalamualaikum, my name is Abdul Salam Zulkifli, i’m from Malaysia. i’m a graduated student in degree at Al-Azhar University of Cairo, Egypt, i also Al-Hafidz, i was memorized Al-Quran since little,now ALhamdulillah i have memorized the whole Al-Quran.

my purpose of sending this email is ; i hope i could help to spread, teach about Islam in Japan, i’m willing to learn Japanese language to spread Islam.

it would be an honor if i can help by being at Japan, being an Imam, because i used to be an Imam, whether in Malaysia, or in Egypt.

i hope you will reply my email, do tell me what’s your opinion. thank you.

admin – April 24, 2014:

Wa’alaikumussalam. Dear our brother in Islam, Br. Abdul Salam Zulkifli. Jazak Allah khayr for your comment. May Allah give always you more and more barokah. We are very grateful by your intention to spread Islam in Japan. We do also think that many opportunities that we can catch to spread Islam in Japan. However, our masjid already have Imam. If you need to discuss something with him, you can directly contact him by using this email (m_elsayedkhalil[at]hotmail[dot]com). Salam from your brothers in Tsukuba, Japan.

Abdul Salam Zulkifli – May 1, 2014:

thank you so much for replying my message, i really appreciate it. i already sent the message to email you gave me. if you need a helping hand for teaching about Islam, kindly let me know, i’ll gladly to help Muslim society in Japan.

may Allah rain you His barokah, also to all of Muslims in Japan, ameen.

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