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July 19, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Assalamu’alaykum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh.

Today is 29th of Sha’ban. For the official announcement of the first Ramadhan, Tsukuba Masjid will be referring to the announcement from Islamic Center Japan by 9 pm this evening (Thursday, July 19th, 2012). We will disseminate the information by any means available to the moslem community in Tsukuba and arround. Or, Brs/Srs may directly refer to the announcement from the website of Islamic Center Japan.

The Isha Prayer congregation time tonight will be as the present schedule (9 pm). If it come that tomorrow will be the 1st Ramadhan, the congregation prayer of Tarawih will be carried out afterward.

In addition, as it has been announced by our Senior Coordinator, Br Dr Hayyan, here will be the host schedule for TIA’s Ifthar Party conducted at Tsukuba Masjid: (available also in the homepage of TIA)

Saturday, July 21st, host: Indonesia, Malaysian, Central Asian communities
Saturday, July 28th, host: Pakistani community
Saturday, August 4th, host: Arabian community
Saturday, August 11th, host: Bangladeshi community

Marhaban ya Ramadhan! May Allah SWT Gives us opportunity to experience this coming Ramadhan and accept all from us. Ameen.

Brotherly yours,


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