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Objective of the Party: Welcome party is a special event for all new residents in Tsukuba city. The aim of this party is to welcome the new residents in Tsukuba city and try to help and support them in starting their new life. It also allows them to get them acquainted with the Japanese culture and traditions. Furthermore, this welcome party is an opportunity for social gathering.

Tasks : The party was held in Tsukuba Mosque on April 22, 2006 after the Isha prayer. The welcome address was given by the Dr. Shamsul Haque President of EC TSUMRA. In his speech, he first presented TSUMRA, then he invited new comers to join TSUMRA mailing list and introduce halal food service. Also a booklet presenting detailed TSUMRA activities was distributed. After that, new comers have introduced themselves and their activities. The food party then started. Food from all over the Islamic world was brought by Muslim brothers as well as prepared by TSUMRA. The food party was an opportunity to the participants to engage in discussions in various topics.


  • Gathering after Isha prayer
  • Welcome speech.
  • New comers self-introduction
  • Food party discussion.
  • Closing remarks.

Conclusion: Additionally to the experience the new comers got from former brothers, new members could acquire with the help of the executive committee the essential furnitures for their accommodations. Most of this furniture was gift from foreign and Japanese Muslim volunteers. But more importantly, attendees have enjoyed the spirit of gathering and friendship.

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