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Abu Hurairah (RA) Said: Rasulu-Allah (SAW) said, “Whoever seeks out a path in search of knowledge (of Deen), Allah will make for him from that path an easy path to Jannah and Whoever persons assemble in one of the Mosques of Allah, recite the Quran and study it among themselves, There will descend upon them tranquillity, mercy will cover them, the angels will surround them and Allah will mention them in the presence of those near Him”. (Sahih Muslim Book 34, #6518).

Daily Religious Classes – men (after Isha Prayer)

Day Text Book Study Topic
Friday Al-Aqueeda by Imam Al.Tahawey Explained by Imam Ibn Abi Al-Izz Aaqueeda – Creed
Saturday Tafseer Al-Saidy (A. Naser Al-Saidy) , Women Class , Children Class, language Classes Tafseer
Sunday Riyadh Assaliheen by Imam Nawawi Hadith
Monday Fiqh Al.Sunna (Said Sabaq) Fiqh
Tuesday Quran Recitation
Wednesday BOOK Al.Raheeq Al.Makhtuum (Mubar Kafuri) Life of the Prophet SAAW
Thursday Prophets stories by Ibn Katheer Prophets Stories in Islam
Arabic Language and Al-Quran Courses
Classes for Children and Adults
The Tsukuba Islamic Association (TIA) is pleased to announce the schedule of the Arabic & Al-Quran classes for the academic year 2013 (Jan. 5 – March. 31, 2013).


Class description and pre-qualifications

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Registration Rules: 
·           Deadline for registration: January 5th, 2013.
·           Registration procedure: Apply by email to ( mentioning the following:
Student name, Parent name, Residential address, Contact e-Mail address, Telephone number, Class/level aiming to register in, Preferred Time (morning / evening) .
·           Courses that need more than one semester will not be available for registration until finishing the whole course (e.g. Children Level 1, Children Level 2 will be offered for registration after the course is finished).
·           Children Level 3 course will be available for registration throughout the year provided the student is qualified to take it.
*Remarks: Courses are planned to be in 4 semesters per year, 3 months per semester.
Courses Rules:
Moving to another level (passing the class): Teacher’s decision (at the end of a course, student will get a certificate that s/he has successfully finished the course)
·           A student, who will miss 5 classes (5 weeks) per semester, will be considered failed in the course.
·           Minimum number of students to offer any course is 2
A transportation facility is available for people having difficulties in reaching the Tsukuba Mosque.
For more information please contact us through the e-mail:
Contact persons:
Salman Shaikh, Coordinator Educational Affairs, e-mail:
Abdul Karim, Deputy Coordinator Educational Affairs, e-mail:


habis alazzam – June 11, 2013:

alhamdullah we are muslim

habis alazzam – June 11, 2013:

god bless all the muslim

Adilah – August 30, 2013:

Salam. Do you have class for children? When is it and what is the content of the class. We would like to send our kids. We hope you can advice us the fee for the children class. Thanks

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